Fats, Oils & Grease in Sewer Lines

Accell® Treatment of Sewers for Grease Removal

Accell®, when added to a sewer line or wet well, eliminates grease by increasing the biological activity of the existing bacteria to quickly metabolize grease and prevent further build up.

Research has demonstrated that Accell® actually converts a significant portion of the grease to a surfactant like material that helps to accelerate the grease removal in the system.

With Accell® treatment, the grease is more completely converted to carbon dioxide, water and insoluble inorganic compounds. Since the grease is largely digested, it does not redeposit downstream as would happen with surfactants that merely emulsify the grease.

In sewer lines Accell® is added at 9 parts per million to 18 parts per million based on the average daily flow and the expected grease load.

In wet wells using a spray header system the addition of Accell® can be as low as 1 part per million based on the average daily flow of the sewer.

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