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Product Development Chemist: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Essential Information
Required Education: Bachelor's degree in chemistry or higher
Required Work Experience: 2+ year lab work
Salary Range: $45-65k annually

Job Description
Entry level product development chemist to create, test and improve processes and products using surfactants and biotechnology additives. Use basic chemistry lab tools to execute tasks to achieve company product development timelines and goals. Job location: Tustin California

Job Duties
Works as part of a research and development team under supervision of a manager. Tests company's current products or examines current testing methods to determine if either can be improved. Test results and process improvements are reported to the team and used to drive novel product development. Duties also include creating reports, maintaining a lab notebook, documenting results and maintaining files regarding testing. Engage in the continuous improvement of current products and the development of new products.

Education Requirements
This positon requires a strong background and interest in science. High grades in chemistry classes, especially general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry are desired. A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry is required. A transcript and letter of recommendation will be required.

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