Our History

Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) was founded in 1996. In its initial years, the company funded scientific research based on fermentation-derived proteins. This research resulted in the discovery of uncoupling proteins that affect the core metabolism of aerobic bacteria. This core ABC technology has widespread applications in water and soil remediation and Biofilm control.

This research further led to the development of a surfactant synergist technology, where the essential proteins are called Protein Surfactant Synergists™ (PSS™). PSS™ creates new paradigms in surfactant-based product development in the form of a Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™). These products have demonstrated the ability to be highly cost-effective, without depending on harmful chemistries such as caustics, acids or dangerous solvents, which can be harmful to the user or the environment.

Advanced BioCatalytics continues to advance the field of use for PSC™ in agriculture and oil field applications.