Industrial and Institutional Cleaners

The Accell Clean® family of products covers a wide range on industrial cleaning needs, in many cases simplifying cleaning needs by reducing the number of cleaning products needed, while improving safety for workers and the environment, at the same time.

Accell Clean® HDD – Industrial Kitchens and Restaurants

Designed for use in restaurant and institutional food preparation areas for removal of animal and vegetable oil and grease from hard surfaces such as stainless steel food prep areas and exhaust hoods. While it can be used for heavy duty cleaning for removing a wide range of oils, from light cooking oils to thicker oils, cooked-on and, heat and age polymerized oils, it is safe for general cleaning in dining areas and restrooms. Excellent odor removal is inherent.

Accell Clean® All Purpose Cleaner

Industrial all purpose cleaner for cleaning dirt, grime, ink, including use on store shelves, where build-up can be substantial.

Accell Clean® Adhesive Remover

This product is a heavy duty adhesive remover. More aggressive cleaner than our All Purpose Cleaner with organic solvent.

Accell Clean® Oven and Grill Cleaner

Ready-to-use product for cleaning of food processing ovens, rotisseries, and grills. This is a neutral pH product, and is especially effective at cleaning highly soiled stainless steel surfaces. It successfully replaces highly caustic cleaners, while reducing the cleaning cycle time, and prevents build-up of carbonized deposits on stainless steel surfaces. It's use improves safety for personnel and reduces labor costs. It is also very effective in removing grease and fats from various types of kitchen equipment such as grinders and slicers.

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning

Accell Clean® Products for Cleaning/Degreasing/Deodorizing


  • Reduce cleaning times
  • Safer products reduce employee injury rates
  • Lower the use cost of cleaners through higher dilution rates
  • Simplify cleaning and reduce waste and overuse of cleaners
  • Reduce costs by reducing the number of different cleaners needed
  • Improved slip resistance can lower insurance costs by reducing incidences


  • IMPROVED SLIP RESISTANCE - Does not leave a residual film on floors, countertops and other hard surfaces, unlike competitive alkaline cleaners
    before and after image of tile floor
    The left side shows build-up in porous grout lines in an institutional kitchen that had been using an industry leading, so-called "enzyme" cleaner after several years of use. The right photo shows how one cleaning cycle with Accell Clean® Floor Cleaner eliminated much of the build-up in the pores. Such build-up, many times not visibly noticeable, can be the source of persistent odors and unsanitary conditions. Even in bathrooms our patented technology cleaners can eliminate persistent odors after only a few days of use, if not immediately.
  • PENETRATES DEEP INTO PORES TO REMOVE CONTAMINANTS, oils, greases better than other cleaners eliminating the source of persistent odors, the bacteria, that build-up in porous surfaces
    before and after image of concrete floor
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    • Improves cleaning efficiency over caustic cleaners, while using near-neutral pH products.
    • REMOVES ODORS immediately in kitchens, bathrooms, industrial environments, etc. Accell® Clean doesn't merely mask odors, it neutralize them.
    • Keeps On Working in drain lines to REMOVE BIOFILM (slime), a source of odors and corrosion
    • Stain removal from carpets and fabrics
    carpet sample showing cleaning of wine stains
    ControlAccell Clean® ProductLeading Commercial Product
    before and after images of drain build-up
    Photos show removal of slime buildup in drain grating after 14 days, with no mechanical agitation, strictly relying on Accell Clean® to BREAK DOWN THE BIOFILM.

Industry Applications
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Oil production & processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Metal fabricating
  • Metal finishing, pre-treatment
  • Parts cleaning, degreasing
  • Automotive
  • Waste Pits - helps separation of metal fines
manufacturing plant equipment
oil storage tank cleaning with Accell Clean - before and after
automotive shop floor
automotive parts facility
oil production & processingt equipment
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  • Penetrates deep into pores to remove contaminants, oils, greases better than other cleaners
  • Dual-purpose action; cleans and then removes odors immediately in bathrooms, garbage cans, rancid food, etc.
  • With continued use, biofilms (slime) are eliminated. These can harbor bacteria that are a major cause of persistent odors
  • Improves cleaning efficiency over caustic cleaners, while using near-neutral pH products
  • Improved slip resistance – does not leave a residual film on floors, countertops and other hard surfaces, unlike competitive alkaline cleaners
  • Improves operational Safety profile


  • Lowers the use cost of cleaners through higher dilution rates
  • Reduces the number of different cleaning products needed
  • Expands use from the manufacturing floor to office, kitchen, cafeteria and bathroom