Maritime Cleaning and Maritime Industry

Protein Surfactant Complex™ technology by Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) is uniquely suited for the efficient use of ABC's safe, high performance cleaning products in the Marine Industry. This includes ocean tankers, barges, tug boats, crew boats, merchant ships, cruise liners, and navy vessels.
Accell Clean® Products for Ship Cleaning*
ABC's unique cleaning products that amplify the ability of surfactants to clean oils and greases from surfaces and, at the same time, accelerate natural biodegradation of residual oils and other hydrocarbons on surfaces and in wash water.

Essentially pH neutral and readily biodegradable, Advanced BioCatalytics' Accell Clean® Marine products are safe for workers and the environment, while they work faster and more efficiently than traditional cleaners that depend on caustic chemicals to achieve their cleaning effect.
oil tanker at sea
Accell Clean® for Ship
General Cleaning
  • Higher Efficiency with Lower Concentration of Cleaner
  • Deck, Catwalk, Drain, and Bulkhead Cleaning
  • Engine, Compressor, Generator Wipeout

Accell Clean® for Ship
Tank Cleaning
  • Cargo Tank Cleaning – IMO Approved
  • Fuel or Oil Tank Cleaning
  • Holding Tank Cleaning

Accell Clean® for
Bilge Cleaning
  • Decreases In-Port Bilge Servicing Time
  • Reduces Foul Odors from the Bilge

Accell Clean® for Ship
Exterior Cleaning
  • Above-Water-Line Hull Cleaning
  • Fender and Bumper Cleaning

Environmentally friendly

Being nearly pH-neutral and readily biodegradable, Advanced BioCatalytics’ Accell Clean® products are safe for cleaning personnel and environment. Additionally, they work faster and more efficiently than traditional cleaners that depend on caustic chemicals.

High Performance

Achieves cleaning to Methanol standard in half the time, increasing the number of revenue earning days. Their broad cleaning capacity eliminates the need to inventory a range of cleaning chemicals, dramatically cutting costs.


ABC’s safe, non-toxic tank cleaners provide a safer work environment for the crew during tank cleaning and handling. They fast and thoroughly in removing cargo residues and require less machine cycles, allowing vessels to spend more time at sea.


Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™) based products are extraordinary in their ability to remove odors while also cleaning. Accell® Water Treatment removes odors when used in wastewater systems, be they wastewater treatment plants, septic systems, or sewer lines.