News and Announcements


Advanced BioCatalytics Returns to the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition - Houston, TX - December 5-7, 2017
ABC will share the latest advancements in protein surfactant technology

Advanced BioCatalytics Completes Supply Agreement with Clean Gulf Associates - Irvine, CA – August 30, 2016
Agreement to provide the organization with oil spill dispersants for emergency response to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico

Advanced BioCatalytics Closes Round of Financing Led by BP Ventures - Irvine, CA – July 12, 2016
Investment enables Advanced BioCatalytics to expand its manufacturing capacity and development of a new class of industrial Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™)


13th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, April 2016, San Diego, CA
Yeast derived ingredients in cleaning materials (Goldfeld, M.G.)

250th American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition, August 2015, Boston, MA
Potential use of yeast proteins in agricultural formulations (Malec, A.D.)

American Chemical Society - 2015 Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM), June 2015, Ithaca, NY
Proteins as surfactant synergists for environmental and industrial application (Goldfeld, M.G.)

International Technology Transfer Convention, 2015, Beijing, China
Use of PSC™ in agriculture and waste treatment applications (Malec, A.D.)

7th annual Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, 2014, Dalian, China
Protein-Enhanced Surfactants in Environmental and Related Technologies (Goldfeld, M.G.*; Podella, C.W.)

11th annual BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, 2014, Philadelphia, PA
Environmentally Relevant Technology Based on Protein-Enhanced Surfactants (Goldfeld, M.G.; Podella, C.W.; Baldridge, J.W.; Rulison, C.)

USTDA – China Green Ports Technology Reverse Trade Mission, July 2013, Long Beach, CA

BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, June 2013, Montreal, Canada

PortTechForum 2012, December 11 2012, San Pedro – Port of Los Angeles, CA

Global Biofuels & Bioproducts Summit (Bioproducts-2012), November 2012, San Antonio, TX

2012 Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology & Bioenergy, October 2012, Vancouver, Canada

PortTechLA 2012, Clean Tech Solutions for Tomorrow's Ports, September 2012, San Pedro – Port of Los Angeles, CA

103rd American Oil Chemists Society Conference (AOCS), April-May 2012, Long Beach, CA

243rd American Chemical Society, March 2012, San Diego, CA

Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology – August 2010, Dr. Michael Goldfeld named to Editorial Board

American Oil Chemists Society Conference (AOCS), May 2010, Phoenix, AZ, – Protein-Based Enhancement of Surfactants

American Chemical Society National Conference, March 2010, San Francisco, CA
Use of Yeast Proteins to Affect their Function and their Application in Agricultural Applications

American Society of Agronomy, National Conference, November 2009, Pittsburgh, PA

4th World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, March 2007, Orlando, FL

American Chemical Society, Western Regional Meeting, January 2006, Orange, CA

2nd World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, April 2005, Orlando, FL


Select publications featuring our products and technology.

Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology, March 2015, Proteins as Surfactant Enhancers for Environmental and Industrial Applications

Journal of Petroleum & Environmental Biotechnology, Sept 2012, Out of Sight, but Still a Blight? Petroleum Oil Dispersants: Addressing the Environmental Impact

Tanker Operator, August-September, 2010, "Bio-modified, green tank cleaning chemicals"

Tanker Operator, November-December, 2009, "How Efficient Are Cargo Tank Cleaning Chemicals"
Accell Clean® (Company A in table) outperformed 20 leading cargo tank cleaning chemicals in an independent study, most of which also required higher concentrations and many were caustic, whereas Accell Clean® is near neutral pH.

Journal of Applied Microbiology, December 1, 2008, Yeast Protein Surfactant Complexes uncouple microbial electron transfer...

Industrial Biotechnology - Winter 2005
Article: Changing the nature of surfactants
Summary: The ability to alter the functionality of surfactants is founded on prior work centered on altering the metabolism of bacteria in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, utilizing a combination of low molecular weight proteins and surfactants. Advanced BioCatalytics has isolated an "uncoupling factor" that, when combined with surface-active agents, simulates uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation or energy spilling in biochemical processes.

CleanTech Magazine - June/July 2005
Article: Going Green: Improved Grease and Oil Cleaning with Protein-Enhanced Surfactants
Summary: Effective cleaning of oil- and grease-related soils is a slippery issue in industrial, commercial and consumer uses. The performance of cleaners must be balanced with environmental and personal safety issues with today's products.