Odor Removal


Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™) based cleaning products inherently remove many odors. Whether cleaning is done in a kitchen, bathroom or industrial environment, Accell®, Accell Clean® and AccellGreen® products remove odors during a cleaning cycle, or applied directly for odor removal, such as a Damp Field or Open Field Waste site. (Click on link for misting suggestions.)
Remove odors of all kinds inside or outside your facility during the scheduled cleaning cycle. Simplify maintenance operations and reduce costs by eliminating second steps for odor removal.

With PSC™ in the cleaner, odor removal can be accomplished without the use of a fragrance, but a fragrance can be added if desired. Accell® families of products do not merely mask odors, but neutralize them.

Examples of odors that can be reduced:
Rancid Oil
Clothes & Shoes
Fabric & Carpets
Garbage Bins
Septic Systems
Hydrogen Sulfide
Dump Sites
Damp Fields
Waste Pits
Misc Industrial Odors
Open Field Waste Sites
Water Treatment Plants

Odor Removal Test - Efficacy Results

Smoke Malodor Control

chart showing Accell product effectiveness vs other products in controlling smoke malodors
Pet Malodor

chart showing Accell product effectiveness vs other products in controlling pet malodors
Tests were conducted using over 70 experienced "noses" who rated the performance on a scale from 1, Not Effective, to 9, Extremely Effective. The Commercial Product is a leading brand targeting odor removal as it's sole function. Accell Clean® products provide dual functions: cleaning and odor removal.
PSC™ Not Prone to Re-Soiling
The carpet photo shows how residues left by many commercial products attract dirt particles and contamination after application, where the PCS based odor control product is designed so that it is not prone to re-soiling.
swatch of carpet showing effect of Accell vs other products
ABC Fabric Stain & Odor RemoverControlLeading Commercial Product