Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) offers its unique and patented product line under the AccellŽ and Accell CleanŽ trademarks. In addition, ABC has developed solutions for proprietary applications including: (a) the removal of adhesives, paint stripping and burnt-on food residues, (b) agricultural uses in improved soil wetting and moisture retention, (c) oil spill remediation and clean-up, (d) oil field cleaning and (e) other areas.
The AccellŽ and Accell CleanŽ lines are sold in standard 55 gallon drums.
The AccellGreenŽ line is in Ready-To-Use packaging and only available in cases of (12) 32oz. spray bottles.
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With an expanded product offering that includes Accell CleanŽ DPP for heavier duty, tougher to remove contaminants, our products can provide improvements in cleaning efficiency and costs in a wide range of oil field equipment cleaning needs. These include valves, pumps, pipes and storage tank interiors/exteriors.

Our products were used extensively in the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill incident, replacing chemicals comprised of caustics and solvents that were unsafe for workers and the environment, with safer products at lower cost that dramatically improved performance. In addition, Advanced BioCatalytics offers unique solutions for decomposing of spilled oils and chemicals for use in both soil and open water applications, that are safe, fast and lower the costs of more traditional methods.

Production Fluids

  • PSC™ - Asphaltene Control
    Well bore production fluid designed to reduce the impact of asphaltene deposits in and near the wellbore and associated tubulars/equipment.
  • PSC™ - Paraffin Control
    Well bore production fluid designed to reduce the impact of paraffin deposits in and near the wellbore and associated tubulars/equipment.
  • PSC™ - Sulfur Reducing Bacteria Management
    Improves the efficacy of SRB control agents through reduced interfacial tension, which improves access to anaerobic bacteria.
  • PSC™ - Corrosion Control
    Anti-corrosion agents penetrate corrosion prone seams and joints more completely due to very low interfacial tension.
  • PSC™ - Fracturing Fluids
    Superior surface and interfacial tension reduction allows fracturing fluids to be pumped to the target zone at a higher rate and reduced pressure for improved recovery rates.

Accell CleanŽ SWA – Surface Washing Agent - EPA NCP listed*

Cleans oil spills, petroleum contaminated beaches, marshes and rocky shorelines. EPA NCP listed* and licensed by the State of California, Department of Fish & Wildlife as spill cleanup agent.

Accell CleanŽ DWD - Deep Water Dispersant - EPA NCP listed*

Used in marine and coastal waters to break up oil on the water's surface, causing it to disperse down into the water column, where natural processes can degrade the oil droplets. EPA NCP listed*.

Accell CleanŽ DPP – Heavy Duty Petroleum Equipment Degreaser

Cleans oil field equipment, manufacturing facilities, metal fabrication, auto service facilities, and oil rigs, including offshore cleaning. Cleans heavy grease and oil, including storage tank sludge, for industrial and oil field applications, including crude oil and residual fuels such as heavy fuel oil, where they may be dried on or baked on due to weathering or heat.

AccellŽ SBR - Soil Bio-Remediation

Specially designed for soil decontamination, includes a nutrient package to optimize microbial biodegradation, but does NOT contain any bacteria. Designed to accelerate the biodegradation rate of hydrocarbon and other organic contamination in soil.

The Accell CleanŽ family of products covers a wide range on industrial cleaning needs, in many cases simplifying cleaning needs by reducing the number of cleaning products needed, while improving safety for workers and the environment, at the same time.

Accell CleanŽ HDD – Industrial Kitchens and Restaurants

Designed for use in restaurant and institutional food preparation areas for removal of animal and vegetable oil and grease from hard surfaces such as stainless steel food prep areas and exhaust hoods. While it is can be used for heavy duty cleaning for removing a wide range of oils, from light cooking oils to thicker oils, cooked-on and, heat and age polymerized oils, it is safe for general cleaning in dining areas and restrooms. Excellent odor removal is inherent.

Accell CleanŽ Oven and Rotisserie Cleaner

Ready-to-use product for manual cleaning of food processing ovens, grills, rotisseries, and the like, is a neutral pH product, and is especially effective at cleaning highly soiled stainless steel surfaces. It successfully replaces highly caustic cleaners, while reducing the cleaning cycle time, and prevents build-up of carbonized deposits on stainless steel surfaces, while improving safety for personnel and reducing labor costs. It is also very effective in removing grease and fats from various types of kitchen equipment such as grinders and slicers.

Accell CleanŽ Floor Cleaner

Removes grease from floors, helping prevent slipping accidents in commercial kitchens. Does not leave a residual film on floors, unlike competitive alkaline cleaners.

Accell CleanŽ Hard Surface Cleaner

Industrial all purpose cleaner for cleaning dirt, grime, ink, including use on store shelves, where build-up can be substantial.

Accell CleanŽ Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator

This product works especially well for cleaning up after your pets. With our patented biotechnology, the Accell CleanŽ products do not merely mask odors, but neutralize them.

Our agriculture products improve growth stimulation of plants in greenhouse and small plot trials.

Adjuvants - Turf Soil Surfactant

SWIFT Wet™ 100 is a protein-surfactant soil wetting agent that enhances moisture penetration retention on hydrophobic turf and soil.

Protein Surfactant Synergists™ technology by ABC is uniquely suited for the efficient use of ABC's safe, high performance cleaning products in the Marine Industry. This includes ocean tankers, barges, tug boats, crew boats, merchant ships, cruise liners, and navy vessels.

Ship and Tanker Cleaning

Accell CleanŽ Marine and Accell CleanŽ Marine Plus are approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for use as a Cargo Tank Cleaning Additive, and is listed in Annex 10 of the MEPC.2.Circ. As a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping.

Bilge Cleaning

Accell CleanŽ Marine decreases in-port bilge servicing time and reduces foul odors from the bilge.

Wastewater treatment plant operators have long sought ways to reduce biosolids production and improve process efficiencies. Biosolids handling and disposal costs can consume up to 50% of their operating budgets, which is why Advanced BioCatalytics has developed our AccellŽ line of products.

Small and Large Scale Wastewater Treatment

AccellŽ and AccellŽ3 reduce the amount of biosolids production by an average of 30% while increasing throughput and improving effluent quality. AccellŽ and AccellŽ3, both ideal for water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer and septic systems, are NSF Standard 60 Approved for Drinking Water Treatment and hold the IBAMA Registration (Brazil).

Reduces hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems for odor control and capital equipment preservation by reducing corrosion.

Reduces biofilm production in cooling towers and improves membrane filtration process such as in seawater desalination wastewater reclamation plants. NSF approved for potable water use.