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Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) is a technology and product development company, with production capacities, in the industrial biotechnology arena. It focuses the discovery of its Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™) based chemistry into uses for cleaners, industrial and agricultural wetting agents, wastewater treatment, environmental remediation and other applications.

Advanced BioCatalytics (ABC) was founded in 1996. In its initial years, the company funded scientific research based on fermentation-derived proteins. This research resulted in the discovery of uncoupling proteins that affect the core metabolism of aerobic bacteria. This core ABC technology has widespread applications.  This research further led to the development of a surfactant synergist technology, where the essential proteins are called Protein Surfactant Synergists™ (PSS™). PSS™ creates new paradigms in surfactant-based product development in the form of a Protein Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™). These products have demonstrated the ability to be highly cost-effective, without depending on harmful chemistries such as caustics, acids or dangerous solvents, which can be harmful to the user or the environment.

Quality Environmental Management System Policy
Our goal is to provide products that make a positive impact on our customers. As a result, we strive to continually improve the quality and the environmental profile of our products and operations worldwide.

To carry out our QEMS Policy, we pledge to:

  • Ensure our products and operations are safe for our employees, customers and the environment.
  • Reduce the environmental impact and pollution by effective product design, manufacturing, distribution, usage, and disposal. We are passionate about innovative, practical solutions to environmental issues related to our business. We support the preservation of resources and actively encourage reusing, reducing and recycling.
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable regulations. We use environmentally sound practices, even in the absence of governmental standards. We also are committed to continuous compliance with all laws and regulations.
  • Continually assess our technology and programs as well as monitor progress toward our legal compliance and environmental goals. We develop and use state-of-the-art science and product life-cycle tests to assess environmental quality.
  • Provide our customers, employees, communities, public interest groups and others with relevant, factual, and appropriate information about the environmental quality of our products and operations.
  • Ensure every employee understands, and is responsible for, incorporating environmental quality considerations in their daily business activities. We encourage and recognize individuals as well as team leadership efforts to improve environmental quality— both inside and outside the workplace.
  • Keep in place operating policies, programs and resources to implement our QEMS Policy.

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