HSSE Policy Statement

Health & Safety, Security and Environment

At Advanced BioCatalytics, we make sure everything we do respects the highest standards for health and safety, security and environmental protection in order to meet our duty of care to our people, our stakeholders and our planet. Health and safety, security and environmental protection are at the core of our values.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to continually protecting our employees, contractors and clients from occupational illness and work-related incidents, and promoting their wellness throughout all our activities. It is our responsibility to continually improve the environmental performance of our activities and products, and to ensure the safety and security of our employees at all times.

Our Commitments

Health & Safety – demonstrate visible safety leadership, prevent all injuries and ensure that every person returns home safe at the end of each work day;

Security – drive a robust security culture to protect our people, physical and digital assets, and reputation against unplanned events of all kinds;

Environment – implement the principles of environmental protection so as to prevent short term or lasting harm to the planet and help today’s generation meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

These commitments apply to everything we do, no matter where we do it. To this end, we:

  • train and support our employees and all who work on our behalf, so they may be HSSE ambassadors amongst their peers and within the communities where they live and work;
  • set measurable objectives to continually improve our performance. No matter how well we perform, we will always guard against complacency and maintain a high level of vigilance wherever and whenever our people are engaged in company related activities;
  • at all times, fulfill all our compliance obligations;
  • always are transparent and communicate with our stakeholders regarding our HSSE performance;
  • work with our supply chain to achieve excellence in HSSE performance.

While our Chief Executive Officer is responsible for implementing and monitoring this Policy, all employees and persons working on our behalf must share these commitments.

Everyone is empowered to speak up and act to ensure that they are met.