An anionic wetter-spreader-penetrant-adjuvant featuring patented Protein-Surfactant Complex (PSCTM) technology that will significantly decrease the surface tension of spray solutions resulting in superior coverage and penetration. Also ideal for deep feeding of plants and trees with fertilizer micronutrients. May be used on agriculture, aquatic, ornamental, turf, municipal, and non-cropland sites.

OMRI Listed Certificate

SWIFT Wet® 100
Protein-surfactant soil wetting agent that enhances moisture penetration and retention in hydrophobic turf and soil. The product improves growth stimulation of plants in greenhouse and small plot trials.

SWIFT Wet® 200
Protein-surfactant composition used to reduce surface and interfacial tension, especially in hydrophobic surfaces. SWIFT Wet® 200 also enhances moisture penetration and improves soil-wetting. The fluid contains additional amino acids and certain micronutrients which enhance biostimulation, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and more.

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