With the environment and safety in mind, our high quality products have multiple applications and endless advantages.

Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation’s (ABC) cleaning agents provide the following advantages:

  • Superior cleaning, with reduced amount of synthetic detergent
  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic, with an attractive safety profile for the animals and staff
  • A deodorizing effect
  • Reduces environmental impacts of the released wash-out, due to the accelerated bioprocessing of contaminants by the naturally present microflora.
  • The bioprocessing effect is due to a partial conversion of grease into natural soap-like materials, increasing the cleaning power of the solution and accelerating biodegradation of grease in drain lines and settling ponds.

ProDip™ TD
Provides excellent cleaning/disinfecting performance which improves skin condition that helps reduce the occurrence of clinical mastitis cases, as well as reducing somatic cell counts.

Accell® & Accell® 3
Resolves common problems in various areas, such as feedlot pens, settlement ponds, and irrigation lines; regardless of whether the feed lot handles animal farms consisting of cattle, hogs, or fowl (chicken, turkey, etc.).

Case Studies:

Swine Farm Case Study
Settling Ponds

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