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ABC Fermactants™ are blends of surface active agents made entirely from microbiology fermentation. These products are safe, sustainable, all natural, non-GMO, non-toxic, high quality performance blends ready to be incorporated into chemical formulations and end user products. At ABC, we specialize in unique fermentation processes that are sustainable, cost effective, and result in chemistry that can outperform traditional petrochemicals. In today’s surfactant environment there have been limited options for chemical sources, these options include petroleum products and plant based products. The need to reduce CO2 emissions has never been greater leading the market to seek out plant based products, unfortunately these products take a toll on our Earth’s precious natural resources. Most plant based chemicals are derived from palm oil, this palm oil is typically grown in tropical climates in place of rainforests with great biodiversity. Rainforests across the globe are being threatened by the increasing demand for palm oil to replace petroleum products but there is another solution: microbial chemicals. Fermentation can be done anywhere and requires much less space compared to palm oil farming. Historically, microbial based products have been expensive and less effective when compared to petrochemicals but the Fermactant™ chemical line changes everything. For the first time, Fermactants™ are commercially viable accessible for use in chemical applications from cleaning chemicals to oil and gas additives. 

ABC BIOSS™ products are blends of yeast metabolites bio-engineered to deliver specific surfactant synergist performance for end user chemical applications. These are stabilized biofluids ready to be integrated and formulated into common surfactant chemistry to increase performance, decrease cost and decrease toxicity. Typical surfactant chemistry is typically made with petrochemicals or oleochemicals, while ABC’s BIOSS™ products are made with microbiology they are suitable for integration with common surfactant chemistry as well. Enhancing your chemistry with BIOSS™ is a cost saver as well as an environmental saver as our products are low in carbon emissions and 100% biodegradable and sustainably made. Our specialized fermentation system can produce specialized and even custom BIOSS™ metabolite blends to suit our customer needs and fit the specific formula or application.