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ABC Fermactants™ are blends of surface-active material made entirely from microbiology fermentation. These products are safe, sustainable, all natural, non-genetically modified, nontoxic high-performance surfactants ready to be incorporated into chemical formulations and end user products.

Advanced BioCatalytics Is Pleased to Announce the Commercial Release of BioSS® RL, Our New Rhamnolipid Based Surfactant and Part of our Fermactants™ Product Line

A true surfactant synergist or co-surfactant, Glucospike® is designed to be used with surfactants in cleaning formulations and agriculture adjuvants. It consists of yeast metabolites engineered to enhance surfactant performance through modification of micelle structures. Some of the primary benefits of using GlucosSpike® in formations are: increased performance, increased grease carrying capacity, lower toxicity/no 1,4 dioxane, lower cost compared to traditional surfactants. GlucoSpike® is US EPA Safer Choice approved, registered
on the CleanGredients list, and also listed with ChemSpec.

CleanGredients List – EPA Safer Choice
ChemSpec – GlucosSpike®

Rhamnolipids are an anionic glycolipid class of biosurfactants that have been
generally characterized by their low surface and interfacial tension and their excellent emulsification properties at low concentrations. However, high cost due to their limited production scale-up hindered their widespread use. BioSS® RL combines its rhamnolipid with its GlucoSpike® surfactant synergist, creating extraordinarily high performance at lower concentrations, thus presenting formulators opportunities to incorporate this unique biosurfactant into cost-effective and environmentally friendly products across multiple market segments. BioSS® RL has been submitted to the EPS Safer Choice program and is in review.

ABC has created a synergized glycolipid biosurfactant by incorporating
mannosylerythritol lipid with rhamnolipid surfactants and GlucoSpike® surfactant synergist that results in ultra-low surface energy. With a CMC value at 0.00776% and surface tension of 23.32 mN/m, BioSS® GL-M opens the door to the development of cost-effective, eco-friendly products. BioSS® GL-M very low interfacial tension and wetting properties make this hybrid biosurfactant highly versatile and should be of particular interest for the household and I&I markets.

Mannosylerythritol lipid (MEL) is a nonionic glycolipid class of biosurfactants that has widespread applications across different end-use applications ranging from consumer household, institutional and industrial products, to agriculture and oil field systems. BioSS® ME combines MEL with GlucoSpike® surfactant synergist to further enhance the overall performance attributes of MEL by reducing its CMC (critical micelle concentration), surface and interfacial tension, and dynamic contact angles, while increasing foam stability and its emulsification (oil holding capacity) properties. BioSS® ME balances high performance with competitive costs to facilitate formulation of truly “green”, high performing products.

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