Rig Cleaning

The use of Accell Clean® products provides a safer, faster and more thorough cleaning.

  • Accell Clean® reduces cleaning time, and expense, in addition to the elimination of health and safety issues due to its neutral pH.
  • What previously took six people using a toxic, high pH cleaner almost 3 hours, can now be done by two people, safely, in 30 minutes!

Even demanding applications, such as oil that has aged in heat and sun or sludge in oil storage tanks,
can be removed more efficiently and safely than with traditional solvents or diesel.

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Accell Clean® SWA
A surface washing agent for oil spills, petroleum contaminated beaches, marshes and rocky shorelines.  EPA NCP listed* and licensed by the State of California, Department of Fish & Wildlife.

EPA NCP listed here

Accell Clean® DPP
Cleaning fluid for oil field equipment, manufacturing facilities, metal fabrication, auto service facilities, and oil rigs, including offshore cleaning. Cleans heavy grease and oil, including storage tank sludge, for industrial and oil field applications, including crude oil and residual fuels such as heavy fuel oil, where they may be dried on or baked on due to weathering or heat.

*Disclaimer: Accell Clean SWA is on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) NCP Product Schedule. This listing does NOT mean that the EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of Accell Clean SWA on an oil discharge. This listing mean only that data has been submitted to EPA as required part J on the National Contingency Plan, 40 CFR Section 300.915.