Institutional Cleaners

The Accell Clean® family of products covers a wide range of industrial cleaning needs.

Commercial ovens before and after (1) Application of Accell Clean® Product; Cleaning time reduced from multiple days to less than 20 minutes per oven

Accell Clean® HDD (Heavy Duty Degreaser)
Designed for use in restaurant and institutional food preparation areas for removal of animal, vegetable oil, and grease from hard surfaces such as stainless-steel food prep areas, kitchen floors, and exhaust hoods. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning, while also being safe for general cleaning in dining areas and restrooms. Excellent odor removal is inherent.

Accell Clean® Oven and Grill
Ready-to-use product for cleaning food processing ovens, rotisseries, and grills. This is a neutral pH product and is especially effective at cleaning highly soiled stainless-steel surfaces. It successfully replaces highly caustic cleaners, while reducing the cleaning cycle time and prevents build up of carbonized deposits from various types of kitchen equipment such as grinders and slicers.

Accell Clean® Adhesive Remover
Heavy duty adhesive remover made with organic solvent that performs more aggressively compared to Accell Clean® APC .

Accell Clean® APC (All Purpose Cleaner)
Industrial strength, ready to use, spray and wipe cleaner for removing dirt, grime, and ink. Especially useful on store shelves where build-up can be substantial.

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