Water Treatment

There are many benefits of Accell® including reduction in biofilm, odor, and corrosion.

Accell® STR
Accell® Surface Tension Reduction (STR) is a protein-surfactant composition used to reduce surface and interfacial tension during the manufacture of membrane filtration equipment.

Treats BOD, TSS, FOG, and DO levels in water systems. Accell® reduces hydrogen sulfide in sewer systems for odor control and capital equipment preservation by preventing corrosion.

Accell® 3
Highly concentrated version of Accell® (approximately three times) for facilities with very high water flow rates and high organic contaminant load. Includes all the same benefits of Accell®, such as BOD, TSS, FOG, DO levels and odor control.

Potential Benefits*

  • Odor Reduction (significant reductions as an inherent benefit of Accell® treatment)
  • Reduction in Sludge Production
  • Decrease in Aeration Power Costs
  • Increased Aeration Tank Throughput
  • Reduction of Sludge Volume Index
  • Effluent Ammonia Decreased
  • Reduced Effluent Phosphorus

*Treatment concentrations will vary depending on water and operating conditions, as well as plant design. Contact for details sales@abiocat.com

Our products use a surfactant system that neutralizes the killing effect of the Quaternary compounds, allowing a normal
microflora to flourish.

Enhancing microbial activity reduces effluent BOD and
suspended solids.

Our products are biodegradable and do not harm the
environment when used according to directions.

Accell® product’s dose levels are dependent on the type of equipment used and the condition of the water.

Contact us for more information at sales@abiocat.com.

Case Studies:

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