Biotechnology for a Better Environment

Capturing the Forces of Nature

Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation's (ABC) proprietary technologies take nature's best ideas and harness them for society's use. Our technologies destroy the notion that green chemistry is not as good as, or more expensive than, traditional chemistries.

ABC's biochemical cleaning products are thoroughly tested and proven to:
  • Eliminate oils and greases; petrochemicals and food processing/production.
  • Clean up oil spills more efficiently than other cleaners tested, including leading commercial products.
  • Eliminate odors; for both cleaners and water treatment products.
  • Keep on working after the wiping and mopping is done.
  • Pose virtually no harm to humans, animals, ecosystems or the surfaces being cleaned.
Further uses of ABC’s biochemical technology can:
  • Advance the treatment of wastewater, sewage and septic systems, significantly lowering operating costs and energy use.
Additionally, ABC is developing new technologies for application in a wide range of fields; furthering our mission to create biochemical products that are more effective, safe for humans and ecosystems, and cleaner for the environment.

Maritime Tank Cleaning

More efficient cleaning of maritime cargo tankers, faster, cleaner, lower cost... read more

Oven Cleaning

Replacing caustic cleaners for the toughest jobs like burnt-on greases in rotisserie ovens... read more

Improves Floor Slip Resistance

By penetrating deep into surface pores, oils, greases and other residues are much more effectively removed leading to improved slip resistance... read more

Eliminates Odors

In bathrooms, garbage cans, industrial and wastewater processes odor elimination is a secondary benefit... read more